Natural Bamboo t-shirts made for Comfort.

Varthagam International is a leading bamboo t-shirt manufacturer in India. Bamboo t-shirt fabric is one of the most sustainable natural material for t-shirt manufacturing. Our authentic bamboo viscose material grows so fast and it is bio-degradable. Our extra care in manufacturing bamboo t-shirts gives some extra essence to its silky smooth softness and comfort. We make bulk manufacturing at a very affordable pricing in India.

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Bamboo T-Shirts Manufacturers in India

Varthagam International manufactures premium authentic bamboo t-shirts in Tirupur at an affordable pricing. Our bamboo tees will be extremely soft and silky. Unarguably, it will be the most comfortable t-shirt you ever came across. The best quality bamboo tshirts by Varthagam eliminates odor.

Get in touch with our designer and we will organize a meet. We talk, design, test, and manufacture your bamboo tshirts together. Our fashion designers know cutting edge fashion designs which might be a good add-on for your brand. And we will not let you go empty handed. Trust me 🙂

Silky smooth Bamboo T-Shirts

Our bamboo t-shirt yarn fibers are completely organic and less dye is used in dyeing process. Bamboo naturally absorbs less dye and its fibers are smoother and rounder. In our t-shirt making factory, we manufacture Men’s, womens, and kids bamboo tshirts at an affordable rate. We produce extremely soft bamboo tees for sports wear. It gives elegant feel while playing.

As bamboo needs little to no pesticides and fertilizers to grow, we are making a positive impact on our environment. In Varthagam International, we focus on delivering quality t-shirts on assured time. Our catalogue ranges from round neck, collar neck, and v neck to sweatshirt and hoodies.


Our widest range of Bamboo t-shirt collections.

Men’s bamboo T-Shirts

Women’s bamboo T-Shirts

Kids bamboo T-Shirts

Bamboo Hoodies

Crop Tops

Bamboo corporate t-shirts

Bamboo sports jersey

Why Choose Varthagam International For Bamboo Tees

Silky soft.

Our bamboo t-shirts are extremely soft, silkier, smoother and comfortable to wear. Bamboo t-shirts are softer than Egyptian cotton.


We manufacture bamboo t-shirts which have anti-microbial properties. As a result, it wicks the sweat away causing no odor on fabric.

Best pricing.

Compare our prices with anyone in India. We are in the bamboo cotton t-shirt wholesale manufacturing field for decades and offer the lowest pricing.

Made in India

From the raw material (bamboo trees) to the end eco-friendly packaging bag, complete manufacturing is done in India.

No Pesticides used.

We source bamboo yarn made from naturally grown bamboo trees with little to no pesticides and fertilizers used.

Bulk Manufacturing.

We are bulk bamboo cotton t-shirt manufacturers in India with wholesale supply to various countries worldwide.

Step by Step Bamboo T-Shirt manufacturing process

Step 1

Details confirmation

Step 2


Step 3

Pattern Making

Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10


Step 11


Step 12


Premium Bamboo cotton T-Shirt Manufacturers in India

We manufacture incredibly smooth and silky bamboo plain and printed t-shirts without compromising on quality. Every process of bamboo t-shirt manufacturing is done in-house where a team of professionals takes care of your product. We are using cutting-edge technology and advanced supply chain management to make premium quality t-shirt quickly.

Our bamboo tees are anti-microbial which kills the staphylococcus aureus bacteria on the surface of the body by 75%. Our manufacturing capacity is one lakh t-shirts per month. We can manufacture t-shirts in any style depending on the customer requirement. We strictly follow the government guidelines and labor guidelines in our campus.

Usually, we do not suggest our bulk t-shirt buyers to go for printing in our bamboo tshirts. The bamboo tee has a great advantage of silky smooth fabric. So, printing on the surface of the tee kills the smoothness of the fabric. Our price is the lowest among all other bamboo t-shirt manufacturers in India. We can do this as we perform all the processes in-house and as we keep our profit margin really low.

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