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Supima is known as the world’s finest cotton grown in the USA. Luxury, comfort, softness, durability, quality, and craftmanship are the benchmarks of Supima. The name Supima comes from Superior Pima recognizing the cotton’s special quality.

Supima cotton is grown only in the west and southwest states of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

Unique Qualities

  1. Rare: Only 1% of the world’s cotton is Supima.
  2. American Grown: Supima is grown only in the USA by over 500 family farms.
  3. Aunthentic: Provenance and quality ensured through rigorous testing.
  4. Superior: More Natural Softness, Stretch, Strength, Durability, Rich Long Lasting Color than any other cotton.

Supima Certificate

Supima was started in 1954 as a promotional organization in El Paso Texas About El Paso: El Paso is a city and the county seat of El Paso County, Texas, United States, in the far western part of the state. to protect the authenticity and identity of American grown Pima cotton. Simply, Supima is a brand that certifies that the cotton we wear is superior and grown in the USA. Supima label guarantees unsurpassed product integrity through its network of top-quality licensed suppliers.

Supima Organization detects the unique molecular profile of yarns and certify exactly where the yarn come from, right down to the individual farm where it was grown.

The authenticity of the origin, superiority of the fiber, the impact and effect, the pedigree, and the history of American grown Pima cotton will be certified by Supima organization which gives lot of reliability in the fiber. As far as the cotton varieties are concerned, Supima cotton is the best.

How Cerification works

Oritain is a world leader in using forensic science to verify product origin. Oritain analyses naturally occurring elements within the fiber itself to build a unique chemical fingerprint, which is then used to verify the fiber’s origin at various stages throughout the supply chain.

Oritain has established an origin fingerprint of genuine SUPIMA® cotton and samples are taken from the supply chain and verified against this fingerprint. Blended or substituted cotton from a different origin is identified.

  1. The cotton naturally absorbs different levels of chemical elements and isotopes. This gives the cotton its unique origin fingerprint.
  2. Samples of genuine SUPIMA® cotton are collected and analyzed to identify the origin fingerprint.
  3. Supima store the fingerprint in the Oritain database.
  4. Samples from the market will be collected for testing.
  5. Products from the market are tested to verify the claimed origin of the product.
  6. Further investigation will be undertaken by SUPIMA® for failed audit results.

Supima vs Normal Cotton

Obviously, Supima is a breed of cotton but supima and normal cotton both are two different and distinct species of cotton. It is a type of cotton that has extra long, more durable fibers.

It is just regular cotton with extra fibers of about 50%. Usually, Supima cotton is softer to touch and feel. It lasts more than normal cotton.

Supima cotton has fiber length of about 1.5 inch whereas normal cotton has just 1 inch fibers.

Supima vs Pima

Supima means Superior Cotton whereas Pima is a generic term for “better” cotton.

Supima has an organization which certifies the quality of yarn and the product must be sourced through a licensed supply chain.

Pima is widely found in all over the world but there is no governing body on it. So, any organization can claim their cotton t-shirts to be Pima because there is no organization checking to make sure the cotton fibers are actually long stable fiber.

Supima vs Egyptian

All the Supima cotton are premium and has extra long staple cotton (which contributes to the strength and softness of fabric). Egyptian cotton refers to the country of origin of cotton but there is no governing body to certify the quality of Egyptian cotton. Supima cotton is 100% extra-long stable cotton while Egyptian cotton averages only 20%.

Advantages of Supima

The main advantages of Supima are: 

  1. Stronger fiber
  2. Vibrant color
  3. Softer fabric
  4. Durability
  5. Comfortness

Supima’s exceptional smoothness results from its longer fibers which is 35% longer than the regular cotton. This extra longer stable cotton creates smoother and cleaner yarns which results in softer fabrics. Supima cotton is 45% stronger than the regular cotton. Supima represents less than 1% of all the cotton worldwide. Supima has the longer fibers which on weaving provides finer yarns that will pill us feel better and softer.

Supima cotton absorbs dyes deeper into the core of its fibers as it is finer than the regular cotton and delivers brilliant lasting colors and reducing color fading.

Supima Certified Brands

Find all the Supima certified brands here.

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