Pure organic fabric t-shirts in India.

We are small company in India but we try to do as many good things as possible to this environment. That is why we choose to manufacture Organic cotton t-shirts. A GOTS certified t-shirt manufacturing company with zero pollution associated with it. Just give a call with us and you will love us :).

Features of the good T-Shirts for the world.

100% Organic.

All of our tshirt making factories are organic certified. Starting from the yarn to dyeing to packaging, we use 100% organic materials.

No Chemicals used.

During the manufacturing process, no chemicals and pesticides are used on tshirts. Even the dyes and buttons are environmental friendly.


Varthagam wants to grow as a reputed t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, India. We try to make quality products at good cost delivery on time.


No chemicals used. No toxic pesticides sprayed on farming fields. Purely organic.

Big impact.

The t-shirts we make leaves a huge positive impact on environment.

Best pricing.

Compare our prices with anyone in India and you will know it.

GOTS certified.

We manufacture GOTS certified, Fair trade, SA 8000 certified, eco-friendly organic premium quality t-shirts in Tirupur.

Customized tees.

We manufacture bulk T-shirts based on customer requirement. We love to produce newly created designs and t-shirt prototypes.

We craft it.

Our fashion designing team is so hungry to produce new designs. Everyday, they are coming up with new new designs and we craft it by ourselves.


No child labour involved in any stage of t-shirt manufacturing. From agriculture field to shipping.

Fair Trade.

We strictly follow fair trade policy. Our suppliers will get right shares at right time.

Bulk Manufacturing.

We are bulk organic t-shirt manufacturers in India with wholesale supply to various countries worldwide.


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