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Recycled Cotton T-Shirt Manufacturers in Tirupur

Varthagam International is one of the leading recycled or regenerated t-shirt manufacturing company in Tirupur making high-quality recycled t-shirts, track pants, sweatshirt and hoodies. If you are looking for promotional wears for your company, then recycled t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts from Varthagam International will be the best option. We grind cotton fabric and convert it into cotton yarn fiber through mechanical recycling. With 18 years of experience in T-Shirt manufacturing industry, we are now one of the best reclaimed cotton t-shirt manufacturers in India. We are sourcing high-quality pre-consumer cotton from top t-shirt manufacturing companies in Tirupur. We do not make recycled yarn from post-consumer fabrics (Diff. bw pre & post consumer fabrics). Our exporting countries include Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada, France, England, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, etc.

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In Varthagam International, we first collect pre-consumer waste fabrics from excess materials while producing t-shirts or the minor damaged pieces. Then, we sort and filter those fabrics according to yarn type, color, GSM, and various other factors. After the sorting process, we then put the waste under mechanical recycling process which in result grind and produce raw fiber. We usully recommend our customers to go with some blends because usually recycled cotton are weaker in strength comparing to normal cotton.

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While manufacturing recycled cotton t-shirts, the raw material is pre-consumer fabric waste from industries which are already knitted and dyed. So, we are minimizing the waste landfills. And the usage of water, energy, and chemicals is very low in the manufacturing process because the waste fabrics are already dyed. As a result of using recycled cotton, we are minimizing the CO2 and fossil fuel emission. In recycled cotton, we undergo bio-silicon washes in the roll form iteself. In Tiruppur, we are manufacturing recycled cotton t-shirts for almost over 18 years. Varthagam International mainly focusses on quality. We make recycled tee shirts of various styles, designs, GSM’s, print, embroidery, and colors.

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Varthagam International is one of the top recycled cotton tee shirt, track pants, sweatshirt and hoodies manufacturer in Tirupur producing high-quality recycled t-shirts at a very affordable cost. With a careful taleted inspection team, we are making t-shirts without much contaminations. Grey Milange and Charcoal milange t-shirts are the fat-moving colors in recycled t-shirts. If you are planning to give free t-shirts as a promotional wear, then we strongly suggest you to go with recycled t-shirts. We can process the order in a week and our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 250 for recycled clothes.

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